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All your conversations with the right attention.

All agents trained to provide the best service to customers.

Schedule assessments through simulated conversations.

Knowledge base availability:
Customer service agents can have immediate access to the company knowledge base to get the right information in real-time.

Performance analysis of all your communications.

It helps to improve the design and functionality of your Bots, as well as to optimize the user experience.

Real-time analytics:
Allows real-time analysis of the behavior and preferences of users who interact with your Bots.

Evaluate performance:
Generate reports that allow you to evaluate the performance of your virtual assistant and continuously improve the service it provides.

All your conversations analyzed with AI.

Sentiment Analysis:
Understand your customers' experience through conversation sentiment analysis and receive proactive alerts for more effective CX management.

Satisfaction analysis:
Receive detailed reports on conversations in real time and evaluate the performance of your agents in detail and accurately.

All your conversations taken care of.

Experience analysis:
Know your customers' experience through personalized satisfaction surveys.

Personalized Surveys:
Eye-catching, easy-to-answer, and personalized surveys.

Increase experience:
Automated interaction for a better solution, after a negative rating.

Transform your customer communications to another level of efficiency

Campaign Versatility:
Max Dialer facilitates the design and execution of various dialing campaigns each with specific objectives, such as news broadcasting, promotions, reminders, collections, and surveys.

Efficient Agentless Dialer:
Allows you to notify customers through phone calls automatically and efficiently without consuming your contact center resources.

Proactive Outreach:
Uses Proactive Outreach Management solution deployed in a private cloud, providing a robust infrastructure to streamline the management of phone notifications.

Total revamp of your entire Unified Communications solution.

Multiple channels:
With a single number on multiple devices (telephony, chats, video), simple and intuitive interface with native integration with Microsoft and Google.

Contracting Flexibility:
Migrate from a Capex solution to a Flexible Opex model and SIP technology with Mobility Implementation. Robust infrastructure to optimize the management of phone notifications.

All your conversations with global reach.

Attention made easy:
Offers real-time translation of customer communications to the agent’s desired language.

Greater reach:
It opens service reach to almost any country.

Multiple languages:
Agents can hold all conversations in multiple languages.

All your conversations with the best attention.

Conversation analysis:
Ensure that in each conversation your customer receives the correct and complete answer.

Quick attention:
Make the conversation with the customer faster and more effective with the suggestion of response texts.

Artificial Intelligence:
Train agents using the best answers powered by AI to provide better service.

Analyze all conversations.

Speech and text analytics:
Transcribe and analyze 100% of your conversations using Artificial Intelligence.

Satisfaction analysis:
Obtain valuable data automatically to know the satisfaction level of your customers by monitoring all conversations.

Automated analytics:
Reduce operational costs, manage risk, fraud, and compliance with company-specific rules.

Provide instant and accurate responses.

Smart Responses:
Instant automatic responses with natural language conversational models.

24/7 availability:
Automatic solution with Artificial Intelligence for efficient and agile Customer Service in various digital channels.

Efficient service:
Guided intentions training to constantly improve customer conversations.

Presence in all your customers' interaction channels.

Messaging campaigns:
Automated one-way messages distribution in bulk or individually across digital channels.

Real-time analytics:
Analyze all customer responses to optimize each campaign.

Personalized Attention:
Offer personalized attention through the most chosen channels and send outgoing messages to your customers in bulk or individually.

Increase sales and retention:
Re-engage your customers in a personalized manner to reduce churn.

Comprehensive Omnichannel Contact Center Solution in our cloud.

Scalable solution:
Integrate contact centers of up to more than 50,000 agents with Artificial Intelligence Bot, for the resolution of multiple business cases.

Salesforce and other Business Applications Integration:
Full integration with Salesforce and other business applications from a unified desktop.

Contact Center Platform Migration:
Our platform facilitates the migration of on-prem infrastructure to our private cloud, which results in flexibility, improved service, loyalty and meeting your company KPI.

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